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NYC Class Trip: March 17-19, 2020

Upcoming Dates
NYC Parent/Student meeting will be held in the High School cafeteria on Wednesday, September 25th @ 6pm. We will discuss the trip itinerary, upcoming fundraisers, and address any parent questions/concerns. If you are unable to attend the meeting because of conflicts (soccer game, etc.) just see Mr. Remenaric the next day for info. You are still able to attend the class trip even if you can't make the meeting. 

Pepperoni roll fundraiser is currently running until 10/4. Checks made payable to Fairless High School.

1st $150 deposit is due October 10th. 
2nd $150 deposit (Yankee Candle fundraiser will be applied) is due January 13th. 
Final Deposit due February 5th. ($320) Cash or checks paid to "Traveling Classrooms"

Agnes Meats Raffle Tickets due Wednesday, January 29th!