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NYC Class Trip

Upcoming Dates
The Agnes Meats Raffle ticket fundraiser is up and running! All sold ticket stubs, money, and unsold tickets are due Monday, February 12th. Profit from this fundraiser will be credited towards the final $245 deposit (Due March 2nd). 

***A mandatory student-parent-chaperone meeting will be scheduled for the 1st week of April. We will discuss final notes for the class trip as well as required paperwork. An exact date & time will be set as soon as the Spring sports athletic calendar is posted. 

October 20th: 
--> $150 1st trip deposit due during lunch period. (cash, or 
     checks payable to "Traveling Classrooms")

November 3rd:
--> Yankee Candle Fundraising Catalog order forms and money due. Please seal everything up in your fundraising envelope (cash, or checks payable to "Fairless High School"). 
     Turn in to Mr. Remenaric.

January 10th:
--> Yankee Candle online sale ends. Profits from the catalog sale and online sale will be allocated to the 2nd trip deposit. 

January 19th:
--> 2nd trip deposit due during lunch periods ($150 cash or checks payable to "Traveling Classrooms")
     --> Students will receive their fundraising profit information 1 week ahead of time, as they will owe less if they fundraised)

March 2nd:
--> Final trip deposit due ($245 cash or checks payable to "Traveling Classrooms")

April 18-20:
Class trip to NYC. Departing morning of April 18th. Returning night of April 20th.

Brent Remenaric,
Jan 29, 2018, 7:26 AM