Class Officers: 
President:  Evy Morrison
Vice President:  
Secretary: Ethan Godwin
Publicity Manager:  Alyssa Bissell 

Prom Committee 2019-2020
Brandi Carter
Annabelle Ehmer
Matt Gilkerson
Jenna Maher
Raelyn Marchand
Kenzie Pavlik
Grace Snavely
Chloe Palfy

Prom is May 2 at La Pizzeria (may change)
        *Looking for a larger venue with a large dance floor
        * After Prom? Interested?
        *Fundraisers to help with Prom: 
              Daffin Candy Bars Oct 21 - April!!!

Students check for Fee Balance  
              Try to pay before Senior Expenses start. will not be able
               to receive diploma or walk if you owe fees.

Check this site or outside Room 121 on the bulletin board for more Prom and Junior Class Information.

             Junior Class Fundraisers
Daffin Candy Bars- $1 each
    Milk Choc      Caramel
     Dk Choc        Peanut Butter
     Krispie          Pretzel

Trashbags $12/roll 
    Still Available
    White Tall Kitchen 15 gal
     Yellow Refuse 39 gal
     Blue Oversize 55 gal
     Red Holiday (Happy Holidays) 39 gal