This is YOUR Year

Class of 2021

The time has come! Time for you to prepare to leave the nest. We hope this year is a memorable one for you to cherish as a milestone in your life. As we are not sure where the pandemic takes us this year, we will move forward, make the best of what we have and get you ALL out of this nest in May.

Here are your Class Officers:


    President            Evelyn Morrison

    Vice President    Logan Thomas

    Secretary            Ethan Godwin

    Treasurer            Bailey Poths

    Publicity Mgr       Alyssa Bissell

Ways to get information as  we approach graduation

    1. Check your emails regularly!  

    2. Join Remind (81010 @ txt d486g2);

    3. Senior board in the hallway by the office;

    4. Class of 2021 Google Calendar that was shared with you;

    5. Mrs can always email with questions


Senior Portraits!

    Here are some businesses to take your portrait:

  •  Infinite Graphics with Abby Smith
  •  Camelot Studios    
  •  Smyly Photography                                                   ***Jory is offering a special! ***

Canton Repository Teen of the Month Applications

        Please obtain an application from Mr. Valentino

        Fill out COMPLETELY

        Get 2 teacher Recommendations

        Turn in to Mr Valentino

Seniors Paint a Brick

    Seniors, make a mark on the high school before you graduate! For $5 per cinder block on the west wall in the cafeteria, you may paint a favorite saying, your name and year as well as a favorite pic or sport memory. Pictures/drawings must be pre-approved by Mrs Meredith and must not be altered. Please, school appropriate. Sign up on the google form that was sent through your FHS email.

Upcoming events:

PLEASE fill out the Senior Graduation Info FORM that was emailed to you by March 1st. This info will help me prepare for Awards Night and also get candidates for Graduation Speeches for you to vote on in the near future.

Notes regarding Senior Class meetings...

There will be a Class Meeting on Wednesday April 14, 2021 during 1st period in the cafeteria. Please plan to attend. We will be discussing  plans for Cedar Point as well  Awards Night and Graduation. The meeting will also be  on google meets as well so you can still participate. 

Due ASAP     Pictures due to Mrs Courtney and Yearbook. Need to send xtra

                     senior photo, senior portrait and a baby picture. 

                     You may email it to     



Here are some interesting answers to college questions posted from    You can search for other topics as well on this site          

Here are my answers to the most popular questions asked:

1. How did I manage my time with homework/studying?

This is one of my FAVORITE things to talk about with college haha I know it sounds lame, but I am such a schedule person that having my homework/study schedule down helped my stress levels so much.

I always treated college like a job. From 8-5 everyday, I was working (aka being a student). I occasionally had a nighttime class that I would have to schedule around, but usually all my classes fell between that 8am to 5pm period. I would spend hours planning my schedule before every semester to try to get the classes as back to back as possible.

I know a lot of people don't like that, but that allowed me to get my classes down in a block. For me, I liked all my classes being from 8am-12pm everyday. (obvi, this is ideal - didn't always happen). Then, I would take a 30 minute lunch break and from 12:30-5:00pm I would do all my projects/homework/studying. With that schedule, I was almost always able to get all my homework and studying done before 5:00pm. Having that "work" schedule in place was key to be being efficient.

ALSO - I survived college by using peoples quizlets. A lot of the classes you take (especially freshman year) students are taking those all over the country and the info is really the same. Look up your classes (or the textbooks you're using on Quizlet) and use it to study. Loved this little hack.

ALSO Part 2: Time-blocking saved my life in college 🙌🏼

2. Dorming with someone you know/vs someone new?

Freshman year I actually dormed with one of my best friends from my high school. We're still best friends and it worked out really well, BUT I would recommend NOT doing that.

If I had to go back and do it again, I would 100% pick someone random. Sometimes that doesn't work out well, but by doing that you put yourself out of your bubble and it allows you to meet other people.

3. If I had one piece of advice about college, what would it be?

My #1 advice is that no one knows what they are doing. Some people look like they have it together and I can 100% guarantee you that they have had meltdowns about their classes, failing a test, not knowing if there in the right major, paying for college, finding a job after college.

It's so easy to compare yourself in college but really, you're not suppose to know what you're doing. That's why you are there!! I wish I gave myself more grace with this in college.

4. What should I do when I start losing motivation?

College is TOUGH- literally no doubt about it. It is 10000% normal to hit some walls and start to lost motivation for going to class, finishing homework, studying for exams, etc. BUT there is one piece of advice I read somewhere that was actually life changing: change your mindset from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this." So simple right?? You probably hear this all the time, but going to college is an amazing thing and you're SO lucky to experience it.

5. How did you manage your money in college?

I paid for college on my own so I had to be really specific with my finances. I would write up a budget every.single.month. This helped me know exactly how much money I had coming in and how much money was going out.

This is extra but also helped me -- I used cash envelopes (look up Dave Ramsey for more about these). Basically, I would budget out how much I needed for grocery shopping, going out, birthday gifts, clothes, etc. I would give an envelope for each category. Once the money out of the envelope was gone, I was done spending money in that category for each month.

6. What if I make the wrong decision for my school/major/friend group?

I have a pretty simple answer for this one... any decision you make that is in the best interest for yourself, will never be the wrong decision. If you are looking out for yourself, following your gut, and doing what you believe to be is best for yourself, you're headed in the right direction. And in all honesty, if something doesnt work out, it was never meant to be🤷‍♀️

7. My BFF and I broke up, now what?

UGH. This is so so tough. There is nothing worse than losing someone who was once like a sister to you. One of the best things about college though is how many people you are surrounded by, and how many NEW people you have the opportunity to meet. Try your best to branch out and surround yourself with people who build you up andddd in all honesty if you and your once-upon-a-time homegirl are meant to be bffs, I promise you'll find your way back to each other.

8. What clothes should I bring from home to college?

Another tricky one- but your closets at school are most likely 5x smaller than the one you have at home. Let me set this straight: if you don't wear it at home, you won't wear it at school. Seriously, make the priority to bring all your fav things, you can always have more clothes shipped to you or bring more back after breaks. Also remember your roomies probably have some super cute clothes you can borrow ;)

10. Best tip for moving out of the dorms?

Labels and plastic bins will be your absolute best friends. No need for a label maker either, painters tape and a sharpie will work juuust fine.

I've also heard storage units are actually SO worth it. Rent a storage unit for the few months in between moving out and moving in and split the cost with your future roomies. Your parents will be thrilled they won't be trying to shove a futon in the trunk of their car again.

Taking home the least amount possible will be so worth it, especially so your childhood bedroom doesn't feel like an episode of Hoarders.

I literally had so much fun answering your questions and I hope we can do this again soon 🤪


Graduation Information

  • Make sure School Fees are paid! See Mrs Meredith if not sure if you owe school fees
  • Order Cap and Gown from Josten's on line at The price did increase in December ($55.00).   *** Do not add Shipping/Handling Fee ($12.95) if ordering ONLY Cap and Gown unit($55.00).  
  • Make sure all graduation requirements and/or pathways are met; Credits, Points
Graduation Cap and Gowns may be purchased from Mrs Meredith in room 121. CASH Only per Jostens. Here are the figures:
      Cap and Gown and tassel    $55
      Announcements                 $ 2 each (insert with date change included)
      Cap                                   $15
      Cap and Tassel                   $35
      Gown                                $20
      Tassel                                $20

Graduation Dates of Importance
    May 14, 2021         Senior Last Day 
                                   Cedar Point $35 Bus leaves at 7am!

      May 15, 2021         Prom at Santangelo's at 6:30pm

      May 17, 2021        (Ride In 8:30 at Brewster PD see Austin Medure for details)
                                   Graduation Practice 9:30 

      May 18, 2021         Awards Night @ 6pm Gym

      May 19, 2021         Baccalaureate @ 5pm Auditorium
                                   Commencement @ 7pm Stadium 
                                            will be live streamed
                                            7 guests/ senior   

Countdown to Commencement
13 school days