Below is the ALEKS Testing Schedule for the participants on March 22nd and March 23rd.  Students will be required to complete the testing in order to be admitted into the College Algebra, Trigonometry, and Analytic Geometry and Calculus courses.  

Students will report to the TLC at the beginning of 6th period on the appropriate date to complete the testing.  They will have 6th and 7th period to complete the testing.  If the student has not completed the test by the end of 7th period, they may complete the test on their own time.  The test must be completed by the end of a 48 hour window that starts when the test is started.  Students can log on to their Flashline account exactly like they did to start the test to complete it.

Calculators are not to be used on the test.  A web version of the calculator will be provided for any question requiring its use.  

To complete the test, students will need to be able to access their Flashline accounts through Kent State University  by clicking HERE.  You will need to enter your Username and Password that were provided to you by Kent State University in your acceptance email.  If you have not changed your password, The formula for the default password is mmmyyxxxxx (all lower case), where:
· mmm = first three letters of the birth month
· yy = last two digits of the birth year
· xxxxx = last five digits of your Kent State ID Number
Please make sure you have logged into the account prior to arrival on the test date to make sure that you are able to do so.  

Doing your best on this test is very important.  Failure to meet the cut score will require you to complete a 6 week course of remediation which you must complete with 80% accuracy.  You will then be able to go to Kent State Stark to complete a reassessment and gain a second, and final, chance to meet the required score.