ALEKS Placement Test

What is it?

The ALEKS test is an assessment used by Kent State University to determine college readiness and placement. 

What is it used for?

Fairless offers 4 courses that REQUIRE a minimum ALEKS score.  They are the following:

- MATH 10041 - Introductory Statistics 
This course requires a minimum ALEKS placement score of 35.
MATH 10775 - Algebra for Calculus Plus
This course requires a minimum ALEKS placement score of 46.
- MATH 11022 - Trigonometry
This course requires a minimum ALEKS placement score of 67 (OR completion of MATH 10775 with a C or higher).
- MATH 12002 - Analytical Geometry and Calculus I
This course requires a minimum ALEKS placement score of 78 (OR completion of MATH 11022 with a C or higher).

Additionally, a score of a 46 or higher on the ALEKS test can replace the requirement of an ACT Math subscore of 22 for the purpose of acceptance to Kent Stark.

How do you take it?

The ALEKS placement test is accessed through your Flashline account after you have been accepted to Kent Stark.  The procedure to access the test provided in the document below.  Please follow the steps carefully.  

Some important notes about the test:

- The testing window is open for 48 hours after the test has been started.  At any point you 
can log out of the test and log back in.  You will return to the question you were on. After 48 hours the test is scored whether all questions have been answered or not.
- Once a question has been completed, you will not be able to return to that question. 
Complete all questions in order.
- A calculator will be provided on the test for questions on which it is permitted.
- You will only have two attempts at the test.  The first is to be completed on your 
time.  To be eligible for a retest, you must complete a 6 week online course through ALEKS and then you must schedule the retest through Kent Stark testing services and take it ON THEIR CAMPUS with a proctor.
- Failure to attain a qualifying score will make you ineligible for the above courses.

*ALEKS testing CAN be completed prior to Kent acceptance. Please contact the school for details.

Instructions (click the arrow in the upper right corner for an enlarged view)