Back to School Forms
This form can be downloaded and opened to type it out on your computer or printed and filled out by hand. If typing on computer: 1) Click on link 2) Once opened click on the download icon 3) Open the file.  You should be able to type in information and then print it. Remember to sign and date the form and return to school ASAP.

Complete and print page 1 of form, sign and return to school. This form can be filled in on your computer by opening the file and then clicking on the download icon to type in the information. You may also choose to print the form and fill it out by hand. Return to school ASAP.

This form must be printed and filled out by hand. Return to school ASAP. All students from that household can go on one form. Be sure to fill in Box #5 if you would like workbook fees reduced or waived.

Acceptable use of the internet. Click on the link to read the agreement. Be sure your child understands proper use of the internet. You may print all pages, or just the last page. Please sign and return the last page to school ASAP.

New Student Registration 

 New students must complete 
 the following form prior to
 being enrolled at Fairless
 Local Schools. Please
 download the form by
 clicking HERE and fill in all
 the required information.

 If you choose, you may type
 in your responses directly on
 the form. To do so:

 1) Click the link above to
     view the form.
 2) Click the "Download"
     button at the top right of
     the page.
 3) Open the file in a pdf
     viewer such as Adobe
     Acrobat Reader.
 4) Type your responses in the
     given fields and print when
     completed (you will still
     need to sign the document
     by hand).