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* Check back periodically for updates to Announcements and Key Dates!


5/11/21- Senior Exit Survey- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc9t1NSA-NjRX2u8Gh8Bp5vdZDtV8Is2Tc7AvZowqIORx_mUw/viewform?usp=sf_link

*Due by May 19, 2021.

3/8/21- Scheduling Video Link: https://youtu.be/724Ue6QHqDk

1/28/21- R.G. Drage Applications are due to the Main Office.

11/19/20- Classroom Guidance Lesson given to Mr. Sarbaugh's American History class for Sophomores.


10/08/20- If you were unable to make our Virtual Financial Aid Night, below is the link to the recorded presentation.


10/01/20- Classroom Guidance Lesson given to Miss Swihart's Physical Science class for Freshmen.


9/30/20- Classroom Guidance Lesson given to Mr. Valentino's American Government class for Seniors.


9/10/20- JUNIORS & SENIORS, check out all the colleges that will be hosting virtual visits in October and November. Click on "College Reps and Visits" under the College tab. 


9/30/20- Classroom Guidance Lesson for Seniors during American Government.
10/1/20- College Kickoff Day! FAFSA Opens. 
              Classroom Guidance Lesson for Freshmen during Physical Science.
              Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30 pm.
10/2/20- NO SCHOOL- Parent/Teacher Conferences.

10/7/20- Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30 pm.
              Financial Aid Night with Kent State University- Stark 6:00 pm
10/12/20- NO SCHOOL- Teacher Day

10/16/20- End of the 1st Nine Weeks.
11/19/20- Classroom Guidance Lesson for Sophomores during American History

11/25-30- NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break
12/11/20- Sophomore Career Day at R.G. Drage
12/18/20- End of the 2nd Nine Weeks.
12/21-1/1- NO SCHOOL- Christmas Break

1/15/21- NO SCHOOL- Teacher Day
1/18/21- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
2/3/21- Parent/Teacher Conferences

2/11/21- Parent/Teacher Conferences
2/15/21- NO SCHOOL- President's Day
2/17-18- Academic Advising with Sophomores
2/23/21- ACT Testing for Juniors
2/24-25- Academic Advising with Freshmen
3/2/21- ACT Testing for Sophomores

3/8/21- 8th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 1 with Mr. Witting's classes
3/10/21- 10th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 1 with English 10 classes
3/11/21- 11th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 1 with Chemistry classes
3/12/21- End of the 3rd Nine Weeks.
3/12/21- 9th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 1 with Physical Science classes
3/15/21- 8th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 2 with Mr. Witting's classes
3/17/21- 10th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 2 with English 10 classes
3/18/21- 11th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 2 with Chemistry classes
3/19/21- 9th Grade Scheduling- Pt. 2 with Physical Science classes

3/29-4/5- NO SCHOOL- Spring Break
5/19/21- Commencement Ceremony
5/27/21- Last Student Day

Guidance Team

School Counselor
Grades: 9-12
Last Names: A-L

School Counselor
Grades: 9-12
Last Names: M-Z