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Member Information:

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Committee Chairperson Application: Click HERE to apply to be a committee chairperson

Expense Request: Click HERE to request an expenditure from the Student Council fund.

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Project Request Form: Click HERE to submit a project request.

Sign up for StuCo remind by sending @fairlesssc to 81010.

2020/2021 Members:
Hannah Anderson
Skylar Blumenauer
Brandi Carter
Bianca Chambliss
Abby Cox
Gracie Doll
Annabelle Ehmer
Dominic Ehmer
Ben Gilkerson
Matt Gilkerson
Melody Harrison
Hailey Heath
Trevor Horrisberger
Max Kirby
Cameron Legg
Jacob Lyon
Jenna Maher
Emma Marz
Evelyn Morrison
Lainey Oakleaf
Michael Palmer
Kenzie Pavlik
Bailey Poths
Marissa Regula
Paige M Smith
Grace Snavely
Susanna Snavely
Abby Vogelsong